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What is The Bet midrash shetach?

The  Bet Midrash Shetach is a Traveling Bet Midrash where the Torah learning takes place on site! In other words, we learn torah as a group out where the particular sugya or topic being discussed appears in the field! It could be a place mentioned in the mekorot (texts), or relating to things we see in the field. The shiurim are generally accompanied with source sheets relating to the sugya at hand. Currently, there are two tracks available:


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Torah tours

Visiting specific sites mentioned in Torah sources which may include some walking and stairs but would generally be categorized as 'easy' on the difficulty scale.

These tours are generaly offered on sundays in English and every other Friday in Hebrew.


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Torah treks

Real hikes with the focus on learning Torah from the field. During bein hazmanim there will be short multiple day guided hikes available. Throughout the year we are Trekking the Israel National Trail in single units of ten kilometers a day, one day a week! This is done at a pace that most people can build up to in a fairly short time so as to join us in hiking the land of Israel from north to south with an emphasis on the torah learned from the land itself!

Please note

The tours do not include transportation, however, we will try to help facilitate rides as much as possible! Please see the frequently asked questions below for more details.

Additionally, the schedule as it appear is not final. While there will likely be some changes in schedule, we will do our best to notify all those who sign up as early as possible.

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