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View the land, book in hand.



Field Beit Midrash
  • A unique experience learning Torah where the events happened

  • Weekly Torah Tours with source sheets relating to the location

  • All group tours are affordable to everyone!

More Details


Hi, my name is Gedaliah Goldstein. I am a tour guide and educator here in the Holy Land of Israel!

I studied education, specializing in the areas of Tanach and torah sheb’al peh (the Jewish Bible and Oral law). In addition to receiving a license to guide from the ministry of tourism of Israel, I have also undergone several courses of my own initiative to hone my skills in guiding educational tours for children, adolescence, and young adults.


Join me in discovering the land of the Bible as we explore the sites and regions where the Book of Books was written and witness the episodes and their messages come alive before our very eyes! My Passion in life is Tanach (The Jewish Bible), Hiking, and Teaching, and I would be happy to put all three together in guiding you through The Land and Its Text!


Let’s build an itinerary together so as to ensure we meet your specific needs and interests. This can range between a weeklong tour relating to a specific topic or book of the Bible that you have been studying or taking an interest in, or a collection of topics throughout the day or days we have together. The tour can be a scholarly investigation into the remains and artifacts uncovered which help shed light on our understanding of life in ancient times, or it can be an exciting journey through the past, and its lessons for the present, which will stimulate the interests of the varying age ranges you may bring.


We can travel in the footsteps of Joshua and try to solve the puzzle of why he prayed to have the sun and moon stand still.

Visit Samson’s home town and surroundings and understand how this specific location helped bring about many of the details of this divinely ordained story.


Follow David as he is chased by King Saul. Was he running in desperation or was there thought and strategy mixed with the heavenly providence that guided him from location to location along his journey, and ours along the very same path?


This is just a small taste of the many sites stories and riddles to be seen and experienced throughout our exciting expedition!

Please don’t hesitate to call for more details, and to begin planning your tour

"קום והתהלך בארץ"


IL: 052-686-2267

US: (917) 475-0105


Thank you so much for the tour.   Our kids enjoyed the tour, as did I, which regarding our children is no small feat. Much hatzlacha."

 Susan Z

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