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If you want a tour that connects directly to Chanukah...
If you want the most interesting and meaningful experience for you and your children...
If you want a really special Chanukah that you and your children will  remember for years...

Israel Torah Tours

The Mikdash Immersive Experience

Ignite a lasting connection to the בית המקדש in the heart and mind.

 For families

with Children ages 9 and up!

Get To The Heart of It All

This unique tour is designed to deepen your connection with the beis hamikdash and to help make it really relevant to your daily life! This is accomplished by reconnecting our personal avodah to the center of Jewish avodah,
the בית המקדש.

תמונה כותל סידור.JPG


What did it feel like to visit the Beis Hamikdash on ALiyah l'regel?

What did the כלים of the בית המקדש actually look like?

How can we emphasize how special it is to be in Israel for this time of year?

How can we connect with the בית המקדש today?

How can we make it a part of our daily life?

The Mikdash Immersive is a unique tour experience that goes way beyond the typical כותל tunnel tour.

This is a complete experience visiting various sites around the old city  that bring the בית המקדש to life in an engaging, inspiring, and lasting way.


After learning and experiencing so much of the בית המקדש, we head to the kotel tunnels to get as close as possible to the קודש הקדשים.  


Here you will be able to grasp the magnificent beauty and inspired-craftsmanship that went into building the בית המקדש.  


Finally, we will summarize the day and discuss ways we can connect to the בית המקדש in our daily lives.

Kotel Tunnels

What did it feel like coming to the beis hamikdash on aliyah l'regel during the Chagim? how does that compare to us visiting today?

And perhaps more importantly,

how can we combine the two and enhance our experience today?

Here we walk the same stones that our ancestors walked as they prepared to go up to the beis hamikdash and we learn from their experience as we follow in their footsteps!


Southern Wall

The immersive includes a spectacular look out over the area.


From this unique vantage point, we start by zooming out and getting a view of the broader area before we zoom in.  


From here you will get an overview of our schedule as you glance towards the upcoming sites from a bird’s-eye view.

An overview

After opening up the topic of the בית המקדש, you  visit  Machon HaMikdash where the areas of the beis hamikdash, the keilim and the avodah comes to life! 


Here you will get a real feel for what otherwise is a very challenging area of Torah to visualize in one’s mind.  

This site will allow you to walk through teh Beis Hamikdash in your mind as it really starts to come to life!

Machon HaMikdash

Finally, we summarize with a couple of final sites in the Jewish quarter itself.

The goal here is to bring it all together.

Focus in on what we can do,

and how we can carry this inspiration

into our daily lives!

The Jewish Quarter

We meet at 9:45 AM by the Kotel Plaza and the tour continues until approximately 3:15 PM

All of this and much more is included in order to really actualize the experience and help make it a meaningful part of your life!

We go above and beyond to try to make this a really incredible and inspiring experience, and those who have joined me in the past on these tours have said how strongly it impacted their experience this time of year, and beyond. 

If you are here in Israel this time of year, you won't want to miss this opportunity!

Pricing and registration

You are being guided by a senior guide who has participated in numerous courses and research on the topic of the beis hamikdash and has been connecting individuals and groups  to this topic for over a decade!

This tour includes quite a few entrance fees that are not cheap, but the price below includes all of the entrance fees!

Regular price without entrance fees: 350 shekels
Tour including all of the entrance fees PLUS 20% off:
ONLY 280 shekels!


Upcoming full day walking tour: December 19th 9:45AM until around 3:15PM

20% discount on each ticket and all entrance fees included,

right now!

The Mikdash Immersive Experience

About Israel Torah Tours

Gedaliah Goldstein is a tour guide licensed by the Israel Ministry of Tourism and holds a B.Ed. and M.Ed. in Tanach education.

Gedaliah is experienced in guiding inspirational and educational tours, ensuring participants have fun and come away with renewed inspiration.

Availability is limited!

Call or Email us now with any questions!

20% discount on each ticket and all entrance fees included,

right now!

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