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The Mikdash Immersive Experience

Ignite a lasting connection to the בית המקדש in the hearts and minds of your students.

"כי מציון תצא תורה"

Get To The Heart of It All

This unique tour is designed to deepen your students’ entire yeshiva or seminary experience (and beyond) by reconnecting their personal avodah to the center of Jewish avodah,
the בית המקדש.

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Were there מקואות anywhere near the בית המקדש?

What did the כלים of the בית המקדש actually look like?

What might you find in an ancient  home built near the בית המקדש?

If the בית המקדש were here today, how would our lives be different?

How can we connect with the בית המקדש today?

The Mikdash Immersive is a unique tour experience that goes way beyond the typical כותל tunnel tour.

From morning to afternoon, students explore five different areas of the Old City that bring the בית המקדש to life in an engaging, inspiring, and lasting way.

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The immersive begins with a spectacular view of הר הבית from the rooftop of Aish HaTorah.  


From this high vantage point, we see the outline of הר הבית and the overall size of the בית המקדש, including key landmarks.  


Participants will get an overview of our schedule as they glance the upcoming sites from a bird’s-eye view.

View of הר הבית

|  9:00 - 9:30

After opening up the topic of the בית המקדש, the group visits  Machon HaMikdash to examine specialized replications of the בית המקדש vessels, clothing of kohanim, and a highly detailed model of the בית המקדש structures.  


The group gets a real feel for what otherwise is a very challenging area of Torah to visualize in one’s mind.  

(We don't necessarily agree with the political views of the Machon HaMikdash organization).

Machon HaMikdash

|  9:40 - 10:40

The group heads underground to explore the remains of houses from the time of the 2nd בית המקדש.  These houses were destroyed during the churban.  


Both the structure of the homes and the relics unearthed within them give us valuable insight and new perspectives on life during the 2nd בית המקדש.  The group will see evidence of the churban among the remains.

Herodian Quarter

|  10:45 - 11:30

In the Davidson Center at the Southern Wall, the group explores archaeology from the times of the בית המקדש, including ancient mikva’ot.


The group will walk the actual steps of the southern wall up to the main gates of the בית המקדש, just as the oleh regalim would walk when entering the בית המקדש for the shalosh regalim.

Southern Wall

|  11:30 - 13:00

After learning and experiencing so much of the בית המקדש, we head to the kotel tunnels to get as close as possible to the קודש הקדשים.  


The group will be able to grasp the magnificent beauty and inspired-craftsmanship that went into building the בית המקדש.  


We summarize the day and discuss ways we can connect to the בית המקדש in our daily lives.

Kotel Tunnels

|  14:00 - 15:40

Entrance Fees

Entrance fees are per person.  Groups led by Gedaliah Goldstein are eligible for special discounted entrance fees, please contact me for details!

"בלבבי משכן אבנה"

The Mikdash Immersive Experience

About Israel Torah Tours

Gedaliah Goldstein is a tour guide licensed by the Israel Ministry of Tourism and holds a B.Ed. and M.Ed. in Tanach education.

Gedaliah is experienced in guiding inspirational and educational tours, ensuring participants have fun and come away with renewed inspiration.


Perfect way to kickstart the year or new zman.

✔ Special entrance-fee discounts when touring with Israel Torah Tours.

✔ New and unique tour experience.

✔ Exclusive access to areas usually off-limits to standard groups.

✔ Students expel energy while learning and connecting to רוחניות.

In-demand, knowledgeable, and fun tour guide.


This tour does not discuss controversial political topics such as visiting הר הבית.  The immersive focuses on Torah sources and archaeological discoveries relating to the בית המקדש.

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We were in Jerusalem for the 1st time. We wanted to have a tour guide show us the Jewish History of the Old City. Gedaliah´s communication before the tour was great & he customized a tour for us. He was polite, respectful of our beliefs & friendly. We saw the Bible come to life before our very eyes under his direction. 

Mike E.