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Want to experience Torah that really impacts daily life?

Reconnect with the land of Israel and the reasons you made the move to begin with?

Start a new year with a new commitment to your ‘Itim L’torah’?

The secrets for cracking the geographical codes of the Torah!

These are not bible codes, this is a practical tool that you can use to understand the Tanakh on a whole new dimension!

Tons of participants have come to travel and learn with the renowned tour guide and Jewish Educator Gedaliah Goldstein in class online and in the field! Tanakh teachers and layman alike, men and women, have expressed how these methodologies and teachings have brought the Torah to life for them!

Gedaliah has learned from the experts in the field of Tanakh and the land of Israel studies and bridges the two together in a unique fashion all from the vantage point of yiras shamayim!

Want to learn more about this methodology and how it can transform your Torah learning and/or teaching?


Join us for our free webinar Tuesday the 15th of September at 10:00 PM where you will gain insights on methodologies that will change your Torah learning for the better, for life! It already has for many others!

Here’s how a few of the many people who have joined us have expressed how these methodologies and insights affected them:

All of these quotes have been verified and appear on the TripAdvisor website . They can be seen on there site here.

I have been reading the Torah, and honestly I have had a difficult time connecting with the words in a spiritual and meaningful way. It is a miracle to have met Gedaliah because he somehow is able to bring the words of Torah to life (which helped me in a deep way to connect more with Torah).

Amy, R.

Gedaliah is not only a tour guide, he is an ambassador to the Holy Land. He lives and breathes the Torah and it shows when he delves into his deep insights into the areas we visited and how it all connects to the Torah. He goes the extra mile. He keeps you safe, informed, thinking, and inspired. His communication leading up to the trip was superb.

Jay c.

Gedaliah is extremely knowledgeable and well-spoken guide. He combines extensive knowledge of TaNaCh and natural sciences to present an amazing picture of Eretz Yisrael. We've used him two years in a row for trips to Dead Sea, Ein Gedi, and Hebron. I would highly recommend him…

David Freydin

The tour was amazing. So much knowledge to share. I left excited and exhilarated. Highly recommended

Esther W.

Gedaliah really knows his stuff, and each tour is very well prepared, but what makes the trip really special is Gedaliah himself, he handles things in such a calm pleasant way, considers every persons needs and creates a really positive, upbeat atmosphere. Highly recommended!

Gedalia is an awesome tour guide. He combines his passion for israel, jewish history, and teaching to give excellent touring experiences. I have learnt so much from him and the trips are really enjoyable. He is capable and eager to teach anyone from beginners to scholars. Great for a family or with friends... definitely the best tours I've been on in Israel.

Shua S.

I have gone out with Gedaliah some ten times now. Each time has been a new experience with fresh perspectives and a unique character. Gedaliah certainly offers a one-of-a-kind experience combining History, the Land, Torah and making sure everyone has a great time. I always look forward to his tea and cookies somewhere out on the "Shetach"! :)
Thank you so much Gedaliah!!

Sachi Rubin

Combining Biblical passages with the very hills that our ancestors walked along thousands of years ago, Gedaliah made history come alive! We were so impressed with his patience, his humour and his extensive knowledge of this historical treasure, which is Israel. We would highly recommend him!

Melekh M

Yes, Gedaliah! Please sign me up to the webinar to learn the secrets for cracking the Geographical code of the Torah!

You have successfully registered for the webinar! Get ready to take your Torah learning to the next level! Please check your email for the details and a link to the webinar. Looking forward to learning with you!

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