If you moved to Israel and wish you knew the land better
and felt more connected
If you Want to
experience the events of the Torah coming to life…
If you want to join a
warm close-knit traveling community of Torah explorers…

You don’t want to miss this tour!!!

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Gedaliah Goldstein, the ‘guiding with the Tanach’ guru, presents:

The Epic Tanach Journey Part I

This is not your standard tour in Israel!

You are about to depart on a journey that will bring the Tanach to life!

Together we will use as many senses as possible as we go on site where the events happened and try to experience them for ourselves.

The lay of the land, the locations of the sites, the ancient artifacts we will meet along the way, and at times even the plants growing there will all come together to share their story. Your story!

You will discover:

geography and archeology bring the Torah to life by Tel Bet Shemesh…

How the lay of the land is the natural backdrop of the great scenes of the Tanach by Tel Azeka…

How the very earth the land is made up of helped determine why specific events of the Tanach happened exactly where they did with a short walk by Chirbet midras…

All together throughout the day how the land of Israel itself has it’s own unique vantage point and if we could just learn the code of the land- we can experience the events of the Tanach come to life!

Weather this is your first time touring with the Tanach or you have been doing it for years, this tour is not to be missed!


This tour will:

  • Help you to feel more connected to the land of Israel and start you on your way towards really knowing the land!

  • Open your eyes to a whole new way of traveling and experiencing the land of Israel!

  • Bring the Torah to life and allow you to really experience the events of the Tanach sprouting from the ground!

  • Bring you into our warm close knit traveling community!

  • Send you home refreshed, inspired, and looking forward for your next opportunity to head back out and continue your journey (and I’m sure that we will be a part of it BS”D :)

Tons of participants have come to travel and learn with the renowned tour guide and Jewish Educator Gedaliah Goldstein in class online and in the field! Tanach teachers and layman alike, men and women, have expressed how these methodologies and teachings have brought the Torah to life for them!

Gedaliah has learned from the experts in the field of Tanach and the land of Israel studies and bridges the two together in a unique fashion all from the vantage point of yiras shamayim!


A bit about me:

If your really want to know what we are about, here is a sneak peak into what we do and how it is received by our participants:


Itinerary and details:

  • Sunday November 14th

  • The tour is from 9 AM until 3 PM

  • Heading out from and returning to Jerusalem (exact location by email after signing up).

  • The tour itself is to the Shfellah- Bet Shemesh area

  • Includes nice airconditioned transportation

  • No entrance fees applicable

  • Visiting Chirbet Midras (nature walk and non-crawling caves), Tel Azeka and Tel Bet Shemesh

  • Beautiful and enlightening source sheets included

So how much does it cost???

You won’t believe the deal you are about to receive!

Value of tour on its own: 350 shekels

Bonus: Nice delicious boxed lunch with a bagel, drink and muffin all packaged and ready for you- generally costing 50 shekels added in FREE!

Value of tour with the bonus:  400 shekels
... but you won't be paying that :)

Special discounted price including the tour, transportation, and bonus boxed lunch:


(that’s 20% off besides the free boxed lunch!!)

This is an incredible deal but space is limited and it’s filling up fast!

In addition, your 20% discount is only available for 24 hours, so don’t hesitate!

Join this unforgettable tour!

Beit Midrash Shetach on Derech Ha'avot