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300,000 reserves plus the standing army- every single soldier deserves to know he has someone backing him spiritually! 
If you want to help Israel in our time of need... 
Our soldiers need your backing (no cost)!

Many have already joined Israel Torah Tours IN BACKING OUR SOLDIERS...

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Uriyah Mosh, husband and father of 6, was laid to rest this past Friday on Mt. Herzl after being killed in battle in Gazza (Hashem Yikom Damo).


Uriyah was my best friend in our unit during my army service in the tank corps.  


During our service, I was a lone soldier and took him up on an invitation to spend a special Shabbos with his family on their religious kibbutz by the Gazza periphery (not one of the towns attacked in the invasion).


One of the ideals that Uriyah has always really symbolized to me was the incredible power of our words. He never told spoke with me about it… I witnessed it, as he was always so careful to think before speaking and that is something BS”D I will try to work on more  in his memory.


Last night I was present at another military funeral as a volunteer medic with Magen David Adom.


All of these large military funerals have medics on stand by.


I was there in that same area as Uriyah was buried and passed by his grave as another soldiers remains was put into the ground, and another family lost their son/brother/husband/father/friend…or rather had him taken from them!


 I heard the cries and raw screams of the pain of a dark hole opening that can never be filled. I saw the fresh graves before him and the open “available” hopefully never to be used plots next to him…


I was there until very late and up early to head out in a few minutes for another ambulance shift as the driver and head of the medic team to help in any way we can BS”D.


The thought that kept coming back to me this Shabbos while I tried not to talk about it, but couldn’t stop thinking, was, am I doing enough? Or rather, what more can I do?


Unfortunately, though I served and helped during the second Lebanon war, since my release I can no longer serve in active combat.


I help in the ways that I can but I know there is more I can do!


If you have been looking for ways to help, nothing to do with money and funds (that is not my thing)…


If you are ready for a commitment of even a few minutes each day that can make a world of difference…


I need your help with a special program in Uriyah’s memory. A program with the goal of BS”D protecting our soldiers spiritually.


Giving them the spiritual backing that each one of them deserves!


My request:


1)      Please sign up for the program and join us each learning a perek a day for a chayal. 


2)      Please spread the word as best you can so that we can get as many of our brothers as possible involved in this project. We really need all hands in deck for this!


Thank you again for all of your best wishes!


Mitzapim l’yishua,




Join at no cost:

  •  Help Am Yisrael in our time of need as we fight darkness and add light!

  •     Invest even a few minutes a day with the wellbeing of our nation in      general and our soldiers in particular

  •  Join our incredible, warm, close-knit community of Torah explorers learning and traveling together in search of every little place that brings the pesukim of the Torah and their eternal messages to life!

  •    Guided learning through the perakim with daily encouragement and inspiration to help keep you on track!

  •    Short videos from leading world renown Rabbis, leaders and lecturers interspersed in parts of the program.

A bit about me:

As a licensed tourguide and Jewish educator, my passion has always been helping my guests to expereicne Tanach coming to life on site where the events actually took place! 

What do we do when war erupts?

We all have to help in whatever way we can!

I was a tank driver but unfortunately can no longer serve. 

But like everyone else, I am doing as much as I can to help as I can. 

This means taking on extra shifts as a volunteer medic and ambulance driver, and of course, backing them up on the spiritual front by continuing to share Tanach as best I can!

Usually my online programs have a fee to them but I have opened up this program at no cost during the war to try to help bring in more zechuyot for our soldiers and captives. 

Please join us and spread the word as well!

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