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Ignite a lasting connection to Israel in the hearts of your family

Experience the beauty of Israel

All our private tours are specially designed to meet your specific needs and interests so that we can ensure that you and your family or group, have the best possible experience and memories of a life time.




Traveling with Israel Torah Tours is a unique tour experience that goes way beyond the typical Trip to Israel.

Form the first inquiry through the planning stages and the tour itself, our goal is to show you the beauty of Eretz Yisrael, and an emphasis is placed on top quality service.

Sample Itineraries

Details are subject to change depending on your specific needs and interests.

Whether you have been to Jerusalem hundreds of times, or this is your first visit, this tour presents the special heights and depth of our holy city from a whole new perspective! 

Jin me below the streets and hosues and up on the rooftops as we experience the Torah coming to life with this unique not to be missed tour!

This tour may include:

  • The City of David

  • The Jewish Quarter of The Old City of Jerusalem

  • The Davidson Center (The Southern Wall of Har Habayis)

  • The Western Wall Tunnels

Jerusalem- Tunnels and Rooftops


Mishnayot and Mysticism: 


The Heights of Tzefat and Meron with the depth of the Jewish Mystical teachers make for an unforgettable journey! Add the beauty of the Golan and you have a really fantastic fun and meaningful trip for you and your family!

This tour may include:

  • Tsfat

  • Meron

  • Tiveria

  • The Golan Heights

Northern Israel

(Generally at least two days)

The Dead Sea and Masada: The REAL experience! 

Anyone can bring you to Masada, but if you want to do it right and have a really meaningful and fun experience- you definitely want to join us on this tour! 

This tour may include:

  • Camel riding

  • Masada

  • Dead Sea Floating

  • Ein Gedi (The Biblical Oasis)

  • *Pro tip- want to really super charge the experience? Everyone is talking about our awesome desert night hike! 

  • Can be combined with the "Nomads of the Negev desert" highlights tour

This exciting and super fun tour takes us to the heartland of the the Torah where the very lay of the land brings so many pesukim to life! 

Together we plan an awesome adventure in to the land of the Torah in the mountains of our avos!

This tour may include:

  • Chevron (including The Cave of The Patriarchs)

  • Kever Rachel

  • Gush Etzion

Welcome to the Wild Wild East :)

Judea and Samaria

Explore various types of caves!         A tour for the whole family!

                                     Fun in any weather!

This tour may include:

  • Stalactite caves

  • ancient cisterns and springs

  • Historic hide out tunnels

  • Bat caves (depending on the season)

  • Many more options available! Fit for your needs and interests!

SPECIAL! Caving day in the Jerusalem area:

SPECIAL! An 'off the beaten path' day in the footsteps of the early prophets:

Not to be missed if your kids learn Navi in school!

Brings the books of the prophets to life in a fun experiential way!

This tour may include:

  • Holding the sun still with Joshua

  • Struggling against the Plishtim with Samson

  • Try out Davids secret weapon against the giant Goliath

  • Discover 'The battle before the City of David'! - a powerful site! Especially fitting for those who will visit the City of David in Jerusalem during their trip.

Personalized itinerary services

Not looking for a guide, but still want to enjoy an organized and well planned trip?

our itinerary planning services will help get you out the door and maximizing your time without the headache and hassle of dealing with advanced reservations and bookings at sites. our service also ensures that the activities and sites will are the correct choice for your trip. 

our free tour planner is available for download.

we advise printing it and filling it out whether you decide to plan on your own, or use our services, this planner is sure to be of great assistance.

The private guide touring experience

About Israel Torah Tours

Gedaliah Goldstein is a tour guide licensed by the Israel Ministry of Tourism and holds a B.Ed. and M.Ed. in Tanach education.

Gedaliah is experienced in guiding inspirational and educational tours, ensuring participants have fun and come away with renewed inspiration.


Enjoy a well organized, stress free trip.

✔ Maximize your time and experience.

✔ Receive an Itinerary fit for your specific needs.

✔ Relive our history and bring our ancient sources to life.

✔ Experience the beauty of Israel and connect with the land.

Relax and enjoy your vacation.

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