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Guiding from home?! Sefer Shmuel videos!

Hi everyone,

I hope that you are all healthy physically mentally and spiritually wherever you are. We were hoping to learn sefer Shmuel on site but unfortunately that will have to wait for a later date BS"D. In the mean time, being as it looks like we won’t get through the sefer this year traveling around the land of Israel, I wanted to try to bring the land of Israel to you. BS"D I'll be going through the topics of the parshanut of the land of Israel on sefer Shmuel, in brief as we would have done in the field. Short videos of mini shiurim and some occasional photos and map work to help us understand where we 'are' will be uploaded to the blog page on my site. If you haven't reviewed sefer Shmuel in a while I encourage you to review a perek a day as we go through them. If its more comfortable in English, than go for it. If you haven’t really opened a tanach since school, you will likely be quite surprised to discover that its actually not a children’s book! In every stage of life we read the same book so differently. Again, the videos won't be addressing every pasuk, but mainly the topics that we can shed a bit of light on through our understanding of the geography, archaeology and even a bit of botany here and there. That being said, I'll be opening the blog up to discussions. All personal comments to me can be sent to me personally rather than posting it for everyone. I hope that questions or topics of discussions come up as you are going through the sefer and we can all try to share ideas on them together. Looking forward to learning together!

This first video is for perek א, but it also acts as an introduction to the whole sefer!

Be well stay safe and healthy and keep smiling :)

Brachot from the holy city of Yerushalayim,




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