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Israeli soldier among ancient Jewish ruins in a modern Arab village

In these turbulent times we are reminded what we are doing here in this land. Those who attack us are doing so out of pure hatred because we are Jewish. They do not differentiate between politically right or left; man, woman or child; religious or secular. If you are Jewish in this land you have a death warrant in their eyes (this does not mean that this is the view of every Muslim in the land, far from it, but unfortunately we currently have no shortage of such savages among us who could murder a random couple before the eyes of their young children). This soldier came to guard us as we visited the remains of the biblical city Shomron. This was the capital of the Israelite Kingdom 2900-2800 years ago (9th-8th centuries BCE) under Omri and Achav the kings, and on, until its destruction by the Assyrians. At that point the inhabitants were sent into exile and others were brought in to take their place. Today b'ezrat Hashem, Jewish groups return to this site accompanied by Israeli soldiers, experiencing the events of the book of Melachim (Kings) coming to life before their eyes. Especially fascinating among the remains found here are the written documents in ancient Hebrew, giving the ruined capital itself the opportunity to tell its own story through the writings of the Israelites that lived here almost three thousand years ago!

May it be Hashems will that our nation know of no more pain, and that we usher in an era of peace and light for the entire world!

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